EMS-I is now Aquaveo!

As of October 1, 2008 EMS-I will operate under the name of Aquaveo!

EMS-I Technical Support now provided by Aquaveo

Call 801-691-5530
Or email support@aquaveo.com

To provide the highest quality of support EMS-I has partnered with the software developers at Aquaveo to provide technical support to all commercial and academic users of GMS, SMS, and WMS.

For complete technical support information visit the Aquaveo Support web page.

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are no longer used and have been replaced with the Aquaveo Forums. A weekly email summary can be requested by forum subscribers

Support Forums

For news, updates or to post questions and participate in discussion topics for GMS, SMS, and WMS visit the Aquaveo support forum

Online Help and Documentation

Visit the XMS Wiki for online XMS documentation and help files for GMS, SMS and WMS.