Project Templates

A Project Template can be used when starting a new project to quickly load all the default settings that you want.  You can create as many project templates as you want.  A project template is a *.gpt file.  To create a project template:

  1. Change the display options, materials, units, display themes and all other settings to how you want them in the template.

  2. Select the File | Save As command

  3. Save the file as a Project Template (*.gpt) file

If the current project includes geometry, it will NOT be saved in the project template file. If a project template is names normal.gpt and saved in the same directory as the GMS executable then this template will be read when GMS starts up.

If you open a project template file, all the settings will be restored to the state they were at when you created the project template file. The preferences available from the Edit | Preferences command are NOT changed when reading a project template.