GMS contains a powerful suite of interpolation tools. You can interpolate to TINs, 2D meshes, 2D grids, 3D meshes, and 3D grids. The following types of interpolation are available in GMS:

GMS also supports Jackknifing, which is used to compare interpolation schemes.

In addition to interpolating scalar values, GMS also supports interpolation of materials with T-PROGS. The T-PROGS software is used to perform transition probability geostatistics on borehole data.

How To Interpolate in GMS

Interpolation is performed using the 2D Scatter Points and the 3D Scatter Points. To interpolate values from a scatter set you either right-click on a scatter set in the Project Explorer and select the Interpolate to command or select the command from the Interpolation menu. The commands in the Interpolation menu act on the "active" item in the Project Explorer.