Auto Select

With a large number of boreholes, it may be tedious to individually select all the borehole contacts necessary for an operation. For this reason, the capability to automatically select multiple contacts is provided with the Auto Select command. One contact representing a prototype or example is first selected and the Auto Select command is chosen. The Auto-Select dialog appears showing a close-up of the selected contact and allows for:

  1. Matching of the material above, below, or both.

  2. Starting the search from the top or the bottom of the borehole.

Since only one contact per borehole is selected, the appropriate combination of the above options is important. Each borehole is searched from either the top or bottom of the hole until the first match is made. That contact is then added to the set of selected contacts.

The Auto Select command can also be used with the Select Segment tool to quickly select all segments matching a selected borehole segment. In this case, the segments are selected automatically and the Auto Select dialog does not appear.

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