User Defined Color Palettes

The user may define and edit a color palette. In the Color Ramps dialog, selecting the User defined option enables the creating and editting of palettes. The options are:

Name - Set the name of the selected palette.

New Palette - Create a new color palette. This brings up the new palette dialog. The user selects a preset palette and the initial number of colors in the palette.

Delete Palette - Delete the selected palette.

Load Palettes - Load palettes from an SMS defined palette file. A sample palette file is shown below:



Title of file


Number of Palettes

Palette1 3

Name of Palette; Number of colors in palette

0 0.0 1.0

Percentage (0) or Value (1); Min Range; Max Range

0.111111 0 0 0

1st color - Percentage; Red (0-255); Green; Blue

0.444444 45 136 45

2nd color

1.000000 255 255 255

3rd color

Palette2 5

Next Palette




Save Palettes - Save all of the user created palettes to a file using the format shown above.

Display Value As - Show the value of each color as:

  1. A percentage across the palette, with 0.0 being to the left of the palette and 1.0 at the right edge of the palette.

  2. The actual value of each color. Each color will represent a value such as elevation.

Color Palette - The user can select, edit, and drag colors in the Color Palette. The tools are:

Value - Change the value of a selected color. Changing a value will move the color inside the color palette window.

Edit Table - This button brings up the Color Table dialog. Values of each color can be viewed and editted and colors can be added and deleted. This dialog is useful for creating a palette with a logarithmic scale. It may be difficult to select colors very close to one another at the lower end of a log scale, so they can be editted in this dialog.