Editing Node Coordinates

The coordinates of a 2D Mesh node can be edited by selecting the mesh node and entering the new coordinates in the edit boxes in the Edit Window. It is also possible to drag an existing node to a new location by clicking on the node and moving the mouse with the button held down until the node is in the desired position.

If the Snap to grid option in the Drawing Grid Options dialog is set, the node will move in increments corresponding to the drawing grid. If the node being dragged is connected to one or more elements, GMS will not allow the node to be dragged to a position where one of the surrounding elements would become ill-formed.

Since it is possible to accidentally drag points, nodes can be "locked" to prevent them from being dragged by selecting the Lock All Nodes item from the Mesh menu. The nodes can be unlocked by unselecting Lock All Nodes from the Mesh menu.

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