Film Loop Setup - Drogue Plot Options

This page of the Film Loop Setup wizard allows you to set up color options that pertain only to drogue plots. A color ramp can be set up to display points in a color based on either its current velocity or the total distance it has traveled. The minimum value is always zero so the maximum value defines the range to be used for the specified color ramp. You may need to experiment with this maximum value before you get something that you like for a specific model. The head of each particle can be from one (1) to six (6) pixels in size. The maximum tail length is specified in hours and can fade to black or remain solid. If you don’t want to have a tail, then set the fade time to zero (0.0).

You can specify the background to be either a solid color or an image that you have already opened and registered. If you don’t have an image open, then that option is not available. The background of the model domain is always black.

The final option on this page allows a statistical report to be written while the particles are computed.

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