Film Loop Setup - Time Step Options

This page is the second step of the Film Loop Setup wizard for all animation types except Multiple Views. This page is skipped if you’re doing a Flow Trace or Drogue Plot animation with a steady state vector field. The options on this page allow you to set up the time range and time step to use in the animation. In addition, this page allows you to decide if a Scalar/Vector Animation should animate the Scalar or Vector data set or both. The top section of this page shows the name of the data set(s) that will be used in the animation. Animations always use the active data set(s) so you should set them up before running the Film Loop Setup wizard.

The Time Step Picker section on this page (shown below in the figure) allows you to specify the time range and number of frames to use for the animation. You can animate on existing time values by clicking and dragging inside the time step window. If you want to interpolate to a time step different than what exists in the solution data, then set the number of frames to a different value. The time step size will be computed from the specified time range and number of frames and will be displayed. Also displayed is the approximate amount of disk space that will be required to create the animation file.

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